Carbon is perhaps the most abundantly found elements on this planet. It is present almost everywhere, and with the advancement in the field of science and technology, different types of applications have been figured out. But, when we talk about the applications of carbon, we usually refer to form of carbon fiber. The inception of carbon fiber sheets has proved to be a boon for a wide number of industries, and as more researches are being carried out, the number of uses is also increasing. Below are some of the prime applications of carbon fiber.

Applications of Carbon Fiber Sheets

->In the field of aviation, carbon fiber is proving to be an excellent material for the production of aircraft's. Carbon fiber is quite strong in nature, and it is very much light in weight. As a result, the aircraft's made from the sheets of carbon fiber are highly durable and safe as well. Owing to the light weight nature of carbon fiber, more amount of efficiency is also being added to the airplanes.

->Likewise, in the production of spacecrafts also the use of carbon fiber is showing great results. The spacecrafts made from the sheets of carbon fiber are much more efficient and capable as well.

->In the arena of sports, there are a lot of things that are being made with carbon fiber, such as badminton, tennis racket, golf stick, and many more. Even running shoes are being made from carbon fiber. This is the reason why carbon fiber manufacturing is increasing at an impressive rate. There is no dearth of suppliers in the online market.

->Talking about the application of carbon fiber in the medical field, there are a lot that can be mentioned in this regard. Production of artificial limbs has been greatly benefited with the development of carbon fiber. Now the prosthetic are much lighter in weight and they are more durable too.

->In the automobile industry, vehicles made from carbon fiber are getting more popular, and it is due to the durability that the sheets offer to the vehicles.